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The Meaning Of Montessori

For people who don’t know what the word means, Montessori refers to an educational program that is focused on developing children’s independence and improving their social relations skills. Much focus is given to children’s behavior and their psychological development. Following are the main characteristics of the Montessori methodology.

Some Facts About Montessori

Cognitive Development

Education directly affects the personality of a child, as it gives him or her a new perspective of the world. Psychological studies show tht personality development in humans occurs at the age of 5, that’s why children from 3 to 5 years are enrolled.


Children are moody and tend to follow their natural instincts. Thanks to engaging group activities, teachers introduce them to the concept of tolerance. Each child has to think not only about his or her own self, but about others as well.

Social Interaction

In a Montessori class, children are trained to properly interact and better communicate with their peers. Their sense of responsibility is carefully developed to slowly blend them into the world that they will be living in the rest of their lives.

Enroll Your Child With Confidence

Enrolling your children in a class with such characteristics would significantly and positively impact their lives. The montessori fremont school methodology is on the educational forefront in developing children’s skills and personality, helping to guarantee their success in our society.